Close To The Flame 

is everywhere and nowhere - it’s a collection of recordings documenting the words and music of character assassination, not knowing nothing from nothing in deep, deep, deep meaning in such a state of ruin, one final scream who was truly possessed, a bull's eye groping heavy tomorrow, the thread to the darker forces of late at night, seeing Angels, wheels of blue spinning fire, a translation center, Armageddon from the tentacles, from the iridium, a personal apocalypse. the milieu out of which arose somebody's song into a trance just that it would burn cutting out like a paper star hostage a devotion for him. wonderfully soused pulp. the scorched seeker smacking the excess. the horizon soft and chewy turning to goo inside the fuck. holy sleepless sorrow melting a death without having to die, bringing life close to the flame.

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